Day Tour from Thessaloniki to Pella and Vergina Archaeological Sites and Museums

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Tour to Pella and Vergina Archaelogical Sites and Museums
Let us take you to a journey back in history with a day tour to Vergina and Pella. Visit the most important archaelogical sites of ancient Macedonian history . You can choose our  four (4) hour tour from Thessaloniki to Vergina and Pella Museum without a tour guide or a six (6) hour  tour  to Pella and Vergina Archaeological Site - Museum from Thessaloniki with an english speaking guide  .Our day tour options to Vergina and Pella can be modified and combined with other archaelogical sites according to your preferences .
Vergina was the Royal capital of Macedonia . Vergina was once called Aiges and got that name from an oracle who suggested in what location the city should be build. Βetween 700 - 450 B.C.  lot of fights  took place around the kingdom until the kingdom stabilize its place in Ancient Greek world . It is also the place where in 336 B.C Phillip the second was murdered and two years later , Alexander the Great will begin his campaign to conquer the world .In the archaelogical site and museum of Vergina  visitors can see the famous Royal Tomb of Fillip the second ,tombs of other Royal Macedonian kings,gold burial artifacts ,religious artifacts and every day items.At the first half of 400 B.C. Phillip will move the capital from Vergina to Pella and Pella will become a great cultural and military center . Pella also was the birthplace of Alexander the Great . It is a 4000ha  archaeological site where you can see a lot of mosaics and some excellent marble structures. The museum is close to the site and there you can get a glimpse of life in Ancient Macedonia. There you will see  every day items, religious artifacts ,weapons ,armors and royal jewelery .

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